Sharing and Publication Policy

June 1, 2023

We want everyone to use our tools safely and responsibly. That is why we have created usage policies that apply to all users of Me4U's AIs and Services.

Our policies may change as we learn more about use and abuse of our AIs.

Social media, livestreaming, and demonstrations

To mitigate the possible risks of AI-generated content, we have set the following policy on permitted sharing.

Posting your own prompts or completions to social media is generally permissible, as is livestreaming your usage or demonstrating our products to groups of people. Please adhere to the following:

Recall that you are interacting with the raw model, which means we do not filter out biased or negative responses.

Content co-authored with our Services

Users who wish to publish their first-party written content created in part with our Services are permitted to do so under the following conditions: